Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners In The Industry

Hello to the person who hates vacuuming! It’s time for the best robotic vacuum cleaners.
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Do you hate vacuuming? I know you do! Maybe you are too busy at work or you just don’t have the time. You are looking for a machine to do the cleaning for you. Instead of a cleaning wife, you want a little robot that’s buzzing around. That’s perfectly fine! Besides, It’s the future… Technologies are constantly evolving. Before you buy one, It’s important to decide if you’re looking for a simple duster or for something with more heavy power. The prices can vary a lot. If you are looking for quality, be ready to spend some money. Today I give you a list of the 3 best robotic vacuums.

Number 1 – LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum with Mop (VR65704LVM)

LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum with Mop (VR65704LVM)Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

This by far my favourite robot vacuum by LG. First of all, it scans your living space for a more uniform cleaning (not many do that). I’m impressed by the navigation skills. It has great battery life and performance. When it runs out of power, It will find it’s way back to the base station and charge automatically. The robot does a great job of picking up dust, dirt, debries and pet hair. It works as good on hard floors as carpets. It goes easy under all your furniture, it will do the annoying spots you can’t reach. It’s able to detect tables, beds, chair legs and will navigate easily through and among them to clean the dirt areas… The price is expensive but you can’t go wrong with it. You won’t regret it, trust me. I’m surprised by this machine, amazing job by LG.

Number 2 – iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuuming Robot

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuuming Robot – Robotic Vacuum

This is a great little robot vacuum. I’m very satisfied with this one. It gets easily under furniture. The machine is very quiet (avg 60dbs). It has a good amount of suction power, it does the job for most areas. Most likely it will not clean deep enough on thick carpets but on hard floors and light carpets it works great. The only downside of this little robot is that the battery life is not the longest. If you have a big house prepare to recharge it 2-3 times. If you have small house or flat however, it’s possible you don’t have to recharge at all. This vacuum is perfect for eldery people or people who don’t have the time.

Number 3 – ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies Home

ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies Home

I had my doubts about this one because of the cheap price. If you seen the price of the Roomba vac brand, it’s hard to imagine ILIFE would do as good as them. This one does a well job. It does find It’s way back easily to the charging station like any other (unless if the battery is low). The suction power is great, It will get stuck sometimes under furniture from time to time. But if you look at the price tag, you can say it’s a well-worth vacuum. You will still use your normal vacuum from time to time. You can look at it this way, a great helper in the house and you no longer have to vacuum as much as you did before.

Conlusion & Final Recommendations

The LG Hom-Bot is the best robotic vacuum out there in my opinion. It will do everything.
If you are looking for perfection. If you have the money and are willing to invest in a high-quality machine . This should be your first choice, forget about iRoomba’s (nothing bad to say about them, but you can’t compare it to the LG Hom-Bot). You can buy it
here for a great discounted price.

The iRobot Roomba 650 is my second favorite. The quality is the right price. It does an amazing job. You have many different iRobot versions so be sure to check them out also.
I just know this version is sold more because of its price.

The ILIFE robot is for people who want to know how it feels like having a robot vac.
It is cheap and does a great job. If you never had one before and you are not sure, try this one out first. I’m sure you will be satisfied.

These are my Top 3 Robotic Vacuums. It’s definitely not easy to buy a robotic vacuum. I know there are hundreds of them and most are expensive. If you don’t know what to buy, choose one of these 3 or go with the brands iRoomba and LG. For now, these brands are the best out there in the industry for robotic vacs. Also remember that they will never fully replace the normal vacuums… you will still have to do your stairs, they don’t climb yet. But yes, they will do most of your job. A good combination is a handheld together with a robot vacuum.

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